Friday, August 24, 2007

Athirapally Waterfalls and Valparai, Heaven isn't it.

One more long journey covering 1200 kms in two days. Well this trip was actually to attend one of Shiva's colleagues wedding in Palghat. Irony being I never met this person who is getting married, but travelling 600 kms to attend her wedding. Well the marriage was only an excuse.

We started in Shiva's Swift, Friday night, route - Bangalore - Maddur - Shivanasamudra - Kollegala - Satyamangala - Coimbatore - Palghat, basically NH 209. Well the roads untill Yelandur after ChamarajaNagar are horrible, thanks to the rich Karnataka Government. Roads inside TamilNadu are awesome, no potholes even on village roads we travelled.

One we were nearing Satyamangala forests, we could sight lots of Elephants, mostly grazing on bamboo shoots along roadside.